Agra is among the few destinations in the world that require any introduction. Being the home to the world- renowned beauty called Taj Mahal, Agra tour Packages are one of the highest selling tours opted by travellers of all kinds and ages.

  1. Taj Mahal:
    • One among the 7 wonders of the world, exquisite monument constructed in white marble, intricate carvings and adornment with 28 different precious stones and verses from Quran, distinct design combining Persian and Mughal architectural style and skill, iconic building representing India and its glory, meticulously manicured gardens, lovey water tank and breath-taking fountains
  2. Agra Fort:
    • 16th century monument made entirely of red sandstone hence also called as Red Fort, interior structure crafted out of marble, superior architecture, speaks of the rich Mughal era, a spellbinding octagonal spire of Muhammad Burj houses two well-known mosques viz. Nagina and Moti Masjid.