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Singapore has been always been a popular vacation destination for people since decades. One of the reasons why it is so famed is because of its ability to keep reinventing itself every few years. Whether it’s in terms of iconic landmarks or beautiful sights and fantastic things to do, Singapore has become a melting pot of culture and is well-known among people for its delicious street food and high-end shopping malls. Singapore is the upper crust when it comes to holidaying in Asia as it offers a cosmopolitan experience unmatched by any other Asian destination.

  1. Best Time to Visit Singapore:
    • Although Singapore is a year-round destination, the months from November to January, which are the winter months can be the best time to visit Singapore. The weather is not as hot and humid as it is throughout the rest of the year. Christmas and New Year are celebrated with great gusto here and it’s a complete treat for the senses if you happen to visit during this time. The downside is that this is also peak time and the crowds can be quite a deterrent especially if you were looking for a quiet vacation. Also, since the Chinese New Year falls during this time, it’s very likely that you will find ticket and accommodation prices soaring if you haven’t booked ahead of time.
    • Another great time to visit Singapore is during the month of July. This is especially if you love shopping or food because Singapore has the Great Singapore Sale and Singapore Food Festival during this time. April is also a good time to visit if you’re looking to save money on flights and bookings while the offseason in Singapore is between August and October. Since Singapore hosts the Singapore Grand Prix in mid-September, you can however expect an influx of tourists. But apart from that, hotel rates during this time are quite manageable.
  2. How to Reach Singapore:
    • The best way to reach Singapore is by flight. Singapore is well-connected to India by several direct flights from various cities. There are numerous major airlines that connect India with Singapore and some of these include Air India, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airlines and Tiger Airways to name a few. Some of the cities from where you can fly directly to Singapore include New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Singapore’s Changi Airport is stunning and offers several facilities like a swimming pool, gym and gorgeous gardens, and even movie theatres, offering passengers an unforgettable experience.
    • If you’re traveling from Malaysia, then you can reach Singapore by road too. There’s a causeway between Singapore and Johor Bahru and you can rent a car and drive between both countries yourself. You can also opt to hire a taxi or simply take a bus if you wish to travel from Malaysia to Singapore. You can also travel to Singapore by train, and there are two lines. One connects Singapore with Malaysia and the other connects it with Thailand.
    • Local transport in Singapore is efficient and organized. You can opt for the MRT for which you can take the EZ-Link Card or a Singapore Tourist Pass if you’re staying for more than a week. The buses are also well-connected and alternatively, you can try the trishaws, but you need to have decent bargaining skills, or you’ll end up spending a lot of money.
  3. Places to Visit in Singapore:
    • Singapore is one of the most electric cities that you can find yourself in, a city that is vibrant and alive with culture, technology and the most amazing food you can find. As a city that constantly keeps changing to keep up with the times, it’s also a city that never stays suspended in time. It’s always evolving and yet, there are some places to visit in Singapore that are perennial favourites. Here are some of them.
    • Sentosa Island
    • Universal Studios
    • Botanic Gardens
    • Gardens by the Bay
    • Chinatown
    • Jurong Bird Park
  4. Food in Singapore:
    • Would you believe it that some people make a trip to Singapore, just to enjoy the food? Yes, it’s true. Singapore is rightly considered a feast for the taste buds and a huge number of choices – Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and even continental. There’s something for everyone here. While the range of food in Singapore is quite mind-boggling, here are a few dishes that you must try while you are here.
    • BakChorMee
    • Dim Sum
    • Satay

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