The city has beautiful architecture, some beautiful cultural programs, a brilliant nightlife and a mind-blowing history attached to it, which makes it a must visit for all the travelers.

  1. There are four cathedrals in the Georgian Caucasus region. All four of the cathedrals are beautifully constructed.
  2. This famous place acted as an administrative district of the Tbilisi Town from the year 2007 to 2013.
  3. Bridge of Peace: It is a beautiful bridge situated over the Kura River at Tbilisi, Georgia.
  4. Rustaveli Avenue is also known as Golovin street, and it was named after famous poet Shota Rustaveli.
  5. The funicular is a marvelous place to have fun in Georgia. It is located on a mountain named Mtatsminda which is the highest location of Tbilisi.
  6. Georgia Tour Package From India Overview:
    • Nestled on the intersection of Europe and Asia, the country of Georgia is a medieval marvel. Offering a glimpse into the scenic country, the Georgia tour package from India seeks to deliver an authentic taste of the country’s culture and heritage. With the Caucasian Mountains dominating the skyline on one end, and the stunning Black Sea beaches spread across the other, the landscapes that Georgia presents are both unique and bewitching.