Look up at towering skyscrapers, shop in bustling malls and laze around on balmy beaches.Feast on brimming broth pots and hot woks served in vibrant melamine plates and bowls. This is Malaysia, where culture spills into the streets with modernity leading the way. 

Malaysia’s stunning cityscapes, buzzing street food scene and multi-ethnic culture give you something to think about. Take a stroll amidst the haunted corridors of Kellie’s Castle, buried deep in tragic saga. Spot silvered leaf monkeys, amphibian and reptile species as you walk amidst beach hemmed forests at the Penang National Park. Or discover nine hundred-year-old ironwood coffins at the BatuTulug caves. Make your way to the quaint beach town of Langkawi dotted with wooded cottages or gaze at the imposing Petronas twin towers. Malaysia is sure to tickle your curious bone more than once!

  1. Best time to visit Malaysia:
    • Malaysia’s climate ranges from tropical with overcast skies at the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and western Sarawak to the scorching heat of the Gulf States. The best time to visit Malaysia is between the months of December to February, when Christmas bazaars breathe life into the streets and light shows illuminate your eyes. Make your way to Malacca if you wish for a colorful respite from the rain.
    • Red lacquer buildings and effervescent graffiti promise Instagram worthy pictures. Head to Genting Highlands and let the clouds in as you open the windows/ stay amidst the clouds. Saunter around Genting’s intriguing theme parks and restaurants. Or observe the orangutans in Sepilok. Head to Langkawi, a quiet beach town, the pristine waters and golden sands of which spell magic. If you wish to take the road less travelled, go for the low season discounted Malaysia packages between March to June. This time of the year calls for umbrellas to come out in Kuala Lumpur and food markets spread all through the country. Visit the Thomas Cook website to check out discounted Malaysia tour packages during this period.
  2. How to reach Malaysia:
    • By Air: Given the distance from Malaysia to India, the only best way to reach Malaysia would be by booking a flight.  Regular flights are available from all the major cities in India; Cochin, Delhi, Bangalore, Tiruchirapalli, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Almost all international flights land in Kuala Lumpur which is known to have Malaysia’s main international airport.  From Kuala Lumpur domestic flights connect you to several airports across the country. 
    • By Rail: There are no trains available from India to Malaysia for obvious reasons.However, you can travel within and in and out of Malaysia to and from its neighboring Asian countries such as Thailand and Singapore.Opt for the Malayan Railway service locally referred to as the Keretapi Tanah Melayu that provides rides from Singapore and Thailand to Malaysia. There are day-to-day trains that connect both Thailand and Singapore to Malaysia. If you are a train person, you can land in Thailand or Singapore and then catch a train.
    • By Road: Reaching Malaysia by road all the way from India is obviously impossible. However, if you still wish to take a glimpse of the picturesque roads, you can take a flight to Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia and hop on a bus from there.
    • By Sea: As much as you would want it, India does not offer direct cruises to Malaysia. However, seekers of the sea need not despair. You can fly to Singapore, Thailand or Phuket to embark on a luxury cruise if you are keen enough to travel to Malaysia via sea.
  3. What to eat in Malaysia?:
    • BatuMaung Satay – The aroma of fresh grilled chicken, pork or beef on bamboo skewers will lure you towards little lanes dotted with hawker stalls. Make your way to Lorong Baru, a bustling lane that comes alive with food lovers in the night. This dish is usually served with cucumber chunks accompanied with raw white onion.
    • Ice Kacang – An evolved version of a banana split, this sweet dish is prepared from corn, kidney beans and translucent small morsels of jelly. This dish doesn’t have ice cream, but shaved ice instead dipped in a bubble gum like syrup. This one will surely be a favourite amongst the kids!
    • Char KueyTeow – The ultimate comfort food, this dish feels like home with savoury noodles topped with hot eggs, prawns and some nutritious bean sprouts. This dish is flavourful, with contrasting textures and its charred smokiness that lingers on your tongue long after you have had it.
    • Roast chicken rice – Who knew healthy could also be tasty? Chopped chicken with a hint of golden and a drizzle of soy-sauce is piled atop fluffy rice cooked in butter and oil. This dish is best had with a hot bowl of soup with some cucumber slices on the side.